Elden Ring: How to reach Nokstella Eternal City (secret area)

Elden Ring Nokstella Eternal City Secret Area

Nokstella Eternal City is another secret area in Elden Ring. It’s also partially connected to Ainsel River Well, another underground location that you can explore. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you reach Nokstella Eternal City.

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Elden Ring guide – How to reach Nokstella Eternal City

Nokstella Eternal City in Elden Ring is going to be a doozy to explore. To gain access to it, you have to meet these requirements:

  • Make your way to Caria Manor and defeat Royal Knight Loretta.
  • You’ll be able to head to Three Sisters/Ranni’s Rise. Ranni the Witch might allow you to serve her if you’ve already done these:
  • If you’re serving Ranni, that means her personal quest is active. You can then go to Night’s Sacred Ground in Nokron Eternal City. There, you’ll pick up the Fingerslaying Blade.
  • Ranni will hand over the Carian Inverted Statue. This allows you to turn the entirety of Carian Study Hall upside down.
  • At the very bottom, you’ll fight the Godskin Noble boss and, upon climbing the Divine Tower of Liurnia, you’ll acquire the Cursemark of Death key item.

Eldr Sec Nokstl Str 1

With all of the above completed, you can return to Ranni’s Rise to find that she’s no longer there. Next, go to Renna’s Rise, which should be accessible now.

You can pick up the Snow Witch armor set while going up the steps. And, in Renna’s chamber, you’ll find a teleporter.

Eldr Sec Nokstl Str 2

Use the device to get transported to a section of Ainsel River Well (a part that you wouldn’t be able to reach normally). Pick up the Miniature Ranni doll, too.

Note: The Miniature Ranni doll is integral if you want to open the treasure chest next to Rennala Queen of the Full Moon.

Elden Ring Nokstella Eternal City Secret Area 1

Continue along the path and watch out for enemies. Ahead of you, there’s a Rockslinger Demon. Just snipe it from afar and use the walls for cover.

Go through the passageway underneath it and battle some Giant Ants. The path will then split into two. If you go straight, you’ll see the open area where the other Rockslinger Demon is. Kill it and open the chest to get the Wing of Astel weapon (just don’t fall down).

Elden Ring Nokstella Eternal City Secret Area 2

If you go to the right, the tunnel will take you to Nokstella Eternal City in Elden Ring. This secret area is massive, akin to a Legacy Dungeon in its own right.

But, it doesn’t end here. There’s a lot of loot, a means of opening Rennala’s treasure chest, another secret zone, and even a secret boss that you can discover.

Elden Ring Nokstella Eternal City Secret Area 3

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