Elden Ring Patch 1.04 magic colossal weapon buffs quest

Elden Ring patch 1.04 buffs magic and Colossal weapons

The Moonlight Greatsword gets even better.
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FromSoftware has just released the long-awaited patch 1.04 for Elden Ring. Patch 1.04 includes significant changes for Elden Ring, such as buffs to Colossal weapons and some magic. Some of these upfront alterations include a new option to toggle between the camera auto-rotating or not, as well as some new event phases for the Patches questline. Although, we do not know what has been added to the Patches quest specifically.

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When it comes to weapon and magic changes, there’s a lot going on with this new patch, so strap yourselves in. The speed and damage of various Colossal weapons have been improved. On top of that, their recovery times have been lowered. Physical block rates and guard boosts for some of these weapon types have also been increased. Other weapons, like the Grafted Blade Greatsword and Devourer’s Scepter, now do more damage. Elsewhere, various weapon skills have seen significant buffs. Increased cast speeds, decreased recovery times, and decreased stamina and FP costs have been applied to many skills such as Carian Grandeur, Onyx Lord’s Repulsion, and Moonlight Greatsword.


It’s important to note that players will need to perform a one-time action for these changes to take effect on their existing playthrough. You either need to level up, activate Godrick’s Great Rune, or re-equip any item that provides a bonus to stats such as Intelligence, Endurance, Vigor, Strength, Dexterity, Arcane, or Faith.

New changes to magic and bug fixes

Magic such as Sorceries and Incantations have also seen a multitude of buffs with patch 1.04 for Elden Ring. Increased cast speeds and decreased recovery times, damage increases, and reductions to stamina and FP costs have been introduced. Some of the included examples are Briars of Sin, Elden Stars, and Whirl, O Flame! For fans of huge weapons and magic, this update has a lot to enjoy.

Finally, a large assortment of bugs has been fixed to minimize any issues with how weapons and quests were working. The patch also notes “performance improvements,” but doesn’t specify on what’s been changed or fixed.

For the full list of the changes, it’s worth reading the post on the Bandai Namco website.

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Elden Ring Patch 1.04 magic colossal weapon buffs quest

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