Elden Ring Patch Performance Fixes

Elden Ring has received some impressive reviews across the board. However, players have been experiencing all kind of performance issues since launch. Our own review of Elden Ring picked up on many of these problems. Recently, Bandai Namco issued an apology for Elden Ring’s performance and reassured players that the developers are working hard on making improvements. After all, the day one update focused on framerate drops “under certain conditions.” It appears that the developers are sticking to their promise, as another patch has been rolled out into Elden Ring which makes more performance and bug fixes.

The patch was shared on the Elden Ring Twitter page. Although it only addresses small issues in Elden Ring, they could make all the difference. A fix has been deployed for an issue which stopped graphic cards from being used when running the game on your PC. This was a factor which was causing some of the performance issues. The next problem that has been repaired on PC is a bug that caused the game to quit during a fight against the Fire Giant. Moreover, the developers have fixed more bugs, but we have not been given any further details of what those bugs are.


Expect more performance issues to be fixed in Elden Ring

It is definitely promising to see patches being rolling out as quickly as possible in Elden Ring. Optimizing a game after it has been released is never an easy task to take on. There is still a lot of work to be done to get the performance up to scratch. Don’t forget, there is still ray tracing support to look forward to. Despite the problems, the game has still received extremely high praise. If these issues manage to be fixed for good, then players should be truly blown away by the experience.

Be sure to check out our review for our full impressions on the game. If you’re up for a laugh, you can check out Yahtzee’s thoughts on the game in the latest Zero Punctuation — hosted by our sister-site, The Escapist.

Elden Ring Patch Performance And Bug Fixes

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