Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Duplicate Remembrances
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Elden Ring PSA: Duplicate your Remembrances in Shadow of the Erdtree to get both rewards

Two is better than one!

While many Elden Ring players already know that you can duplicate your Remembrances, did you know it also works in Shadow of the Erdtree? Duplicating Remembrances allows you to obtain both rewards from them instead of just one.

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Remember to duplicate your boss reward Remembrances in Shadow of the Erdtree

Anytime you defeat a big boss in Elden Ring, you’re gifted a Remembrance that can transform into one of two things which can be either a weapon, Ash of War, or spell. You can also consume it for a lot of Runes if you don’t like either option, but I don’t recommend doing that, especially since Miquella’s Crosses and other places like that are your main way to level up in this DLC.

You only get one of the two options but players figured out a way to duplicate them in the original game. Now, players are realizing you can duplicate Remembrances in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC as well. Just make sure you know how to return to The Lands Between.

Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Duplicate Remembrances Dancing Lion
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Essentially, this is a PSA to not trade in the Remembrances you earn from Shadow of the Erdtree until you duplicate them. For example, the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss has a Remembrance that gives you the Enraged Divine Beast Talisman or the Divine Beast Frost Stomp Ash of War. Duplicate the Remembrance, and you can get both options instead of just one.

How to duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring SotE

If you don’t know how you can duplicate your Shadow of the Erdtree Remembrances, you’ll need to leave the Land of Shadow and find a Walking Mausoleum. It’s a large building walking around on four large legs. Attack the blue stones on the legs and force the Walking Mausoleum to fall, and you can now enter it. Inside, it’ll allow you to duplicate a Remembrance.

Just remember that you can only use this function on a Walking Mausoleum once, and since there are seven in total, that’s a limited number of Remembrances you can duplicate. If you’ve used all the Walking Mausoleums already in the base Elden ring game, you’re out of luck. Anyone who has a few Walking Mausoleums left unused can duplicate Remembrances from Shadow of the Erdtree.

Other than Walking Mausoleums, you can find numerous Nameless Mausoleums in the Land of Shadow that contain difficult enemies and some great gear and weapons.

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