Elden Ring: Ranni the Witch and Three Sisters guide

Elden Ring Ranni The Witch Ranni's Rise Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is a fairly small area in Elden Ring‘s Liurnia of the Lakes region. You’ll arrive here after getting past Royal Knight Loretta in Caria Manor. At this point, you can partake in a fairly lengthy and complicated quest chain that leads to several secrets. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you with Ranni the Witch and the Three Sisters area.

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Elden Ring guide – Ranni the Witch and Three Sisters

First, take a look at your surroundings. There are three towers here, but only Ranni’s Rise is unlocked by default (the other two are protected by a magical barrier). As such, you can just make your way there.

Note: There’s an enemy here named Glintstone Dragon Adula. You can drop it to 50% health, but it will fly away and disappear. You’ll encounter it again much later.

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Note: For those who are doing Sorceress Sellen’s quest chain, there’s a ruined section with a cellar at the top of the steps. You’ll find the puppet after you hit the fake wall in the cellar. If you can’t see the cellar, you may need to hit the floor in case it’s an illusion.

Elden Ring Lusat Sorceress Sellen Quest Azur 3a

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Our goal for this quest is to get to Ranni the Witch’s abode and make your way to the top. She tells you that she originally introduced herself as Renna. That was when she gave you the Spirit Calling Bell so you could summon Ashes. Now, though, Ranni has some plans of her own.

In any case, Rani will ask what you’re doing in her tower. As far as I can tell, there are numerous steps that need to be done first, such as obtaining the Black Knifeprint in Black Knife Catacombs. However, Ranni didn’t talk about this at all. It might be because I’m further along in the campaign and I’ve essentially skipped some parts before meeting her. Instead, the only option was: “Nothing in particular.”

Elden Ring Ranni The Witch Ranni's Rise Three Sisters 1

However, another option appeared after that, which was to “serve Ranni.” Here’s my guess as to why this was already active:

With that in mind, I chose to “serve Ranni.” Then, I was told to talk to two other NPCs on the lower floors of the tower. There’s the spirit of Smithing Master Iji, as well as Seluvis.

Note: If you’re unable to fast travel out of this area due to a barrier, it’s because you need to talk to Ranni again after interacting with the two NPCs. Exhaust her dialogue options until she tells you that she’ll slumber, but will still expect good results from you.

Elden Ring Ranni The Witch Ranni's Rise Three Sisters 2

Our objective now is to head inside Nokron Eternal City, all the way to the end of the Night’s Sacred Ground dungeon. There, you’ll find the Fingerslayer Blade. If you went here without having this quest active, then the chest simply won’t open since “you’re not destined” to claim what’s inside.

Now, assuming that you do have the Fingerslayer Blade, return to Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring and offer it to her. She’ll be pleased, and you’ll receive the Carian Inverted Statue for your help. Next, we’re going to Carian Study Hall to the east of this region for a topsy turvy experience.

Elden Ring Ranni The Witch Ranni's Rise Three Sisters 3

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