Elden Ring: Sainted Hero’s Grave guide (Altus Plateau)

Elden Ring Sainted Hero's Grave Altus Plateau

Sainted Hero’s Grave is a location found in Altus Plateau in Elden Ring. It’s got a nifty mechanic, as well as some notable rewards. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you with the Sainted Hero’s Grave dungeon and Ancient Hero of Zamor boss in Altus Plateau.

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Elden Ring guide – Sainted Hero’s Grave dungeon in Altus Plateau

The Sainted Hero’s Grave dungeon in Elden Ring can be found in the central section of Altus Plateau. If you follow the main road, you should see it high up on the hill just before you reach the forest. It’s also possible to get here if you’re already further north, such as after you’ve used the teleporter in the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge. From there, you can follow the road as it loops around the cliffside all the way to the central hill.

Eldr Altplt Sthr Grv 1

When you get there, you’ll notice that the entrance is guarded by a Black Knife Assassin. This is the same type of boss that you’ve faced if you’ve been collecting Deathroot for Gurranq. As usual, you’ll want to watch out for its leaping attacks and bleeding projectile, as well as the twirl followed by a grab-and-stab.

The difference now is that you’re fighting in the overworld, which means there’s a wide-open area that allows you to retreat safely and cause the boss to reset its position. You can use this to your advantage. For instance, if you lure the Black Knife Assassin away from the building, try to block or dodge its attacks. When it does its leaping slash, avoid it and watch as it tries to walk back to its initial spot. Throw a projectile, such as a Kukri, to stop it from disappearing. This will allow you to punish it with several hits before it resets its location. Don’t worry since it won’t regenerate its HP unless you die or rest at a Site of Grace.

Eldr Altplt Sthr Grv 2

After beating the Black Knife Assassin, you’ll receive the, uh, Black Knife (I guess it’s about time you got a weapon from one of these fellas). Then, once you’re inside the dungeon, you’ll notice an Imp Statue. You can use a Stonesword Key to unlock it. There’s an enemy inside, along with a Crimson Seed Talisman (increases HP recovered using flasks).

Note: Since the Sainted Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring is a catacombs/crypt-type dungeon, you’ll find several materials that are used to upgrade your Spirit Ash summons.

Eldr Altplt Sthr Grv 3

Anyway, the main mechanic in this dungeon is how light weakens shadows. While exploring, you’ll see light streaming from statues or other sources.

Likewise, there are multiple Imp mobs that are shrouded in shadow. You won’t be able to damage them until you lure them into the light.

Elden Ring Sainted Hero's Grave Altus Plateau 1

Here are some more important tidbits:

  • In one of the chambers, you’ll find the Leyndell Soldier Ashes (summon).
  • There’s a corridor that’s got nasty guillotines. Roll past these and don’t get hit since they will instantly kill you.

Elden Ring Sainted Hero's Grave Altus Plateau 2

  • You’ll come across a room with a large indentation on the floor. The ground will shatter, causing you to fall down below. You’ll be up against several Shadow Imps, but you can wait for them to step into the light to lose their protection.
  • At the very end of the loop, you’ll encounter a Gladiator miniboss. You can also pick up a Prattling Pete “Let’s get to it” here.
  • The Gladiator miniboss is also shrouded. The closest light source is the pit where you fell down to previously, so lure it past the guillotines until you reach the well-lit room. You should be able to damage it and, upon its defeat, you may open the door to the main boss’ chamber.

Elden Ring Sainted Hero's Grave Altus Plateau 3

The main boss in the Sainted Hero’s Grave dungeon in Elden Ring is the Ancient Hero of Zamor. This specter has melee attacks that can be telegraphed, but it’s got nasty ice spells that cause frostbite. During this bout, you’ll want to use a Spirit Ash summon that spawns at least a couple of mobs. It’s better if they can shoot projectiles as well, like the Marionette Soldier Ashes.

The reason for this is because of the Ancient Hero of Zamor’s script. It will aggressively try to avoid every projectile. If your summoned mobs are peppering it with arrows, it will stumble back and forth, making it an easy target for melee and ranged hits. It will eventually kill your summons (and maybe even you as well) so try to beat it quickly. Defeating the Ancient Hero of Zamor in Elden Ring nets you the Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff special summon.

Elden Ring Sainted Hero's Grave Altus Plateau 4

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