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Elden Ring SotE Belurat Gaol walkthrough: Weapons, items, bosses, and more

I'll never look at pot noodle again.

As an early game location in Elden Ring SotE, Belurat Gaol is essential for items that will set you up for the rest of the DLC. Use this walkthrough to give yourself the best chance of finding everything you need.

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Belurat Gaol walkthrough

Although it is an underground cavern, there aren’t too many hidden paths or routes to take in Belurat Gaol. However, there is a nice bit of loot, and the lore revealed is incredibly disturbing. This isn’t a zone for the faint of heart, but what is in Elden Ring? Be prepared for a remarkably hard boss battle at the end, too.

How to reach and enter Belurat Gaol in Shadow of The Erdtree

Start at the Greatbridge North Site of Grace and head West towards the walls of Belurat Tower. Make your way straight through the shallow lake until you the cliff face. Here, where the lake meets the wall on the map, you will find the entrance to the cave amongst a lot of old cages. Head inside to find your first Site of Grace for Belurat Gaol.

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Make your way onward from here to the large open room. As you traverse the ledge around the edge of it, be aware of the enemy that jumps at you from the left. Kill them and enter their little cove to receive a pocketful of Frozen Maggots.

Reaching the Platforming Pots

Continuing along the ledge will eventually lead you to an outcrop that collapses. You won’t take damage, but prepare to fight the three lightweight enemies here. Turn to your left before continuing down the ramp to find a room containing two more enemies and a Silver Horn Tender.

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Leave this room and head down the ramp opposite and into the room at the end. Here, you need to jump through the gap on your right to continue through the linear path. There will be a few more rooms with some basic items on corpses to pick up before you get to the Platforming Pots room.

Before you descend the pots, head to the other side of this room to collect a Shadow Realm Rune and meet your first abomination. The mutated Pot will attack you as you try to leave this room.

How to beat Mutated Pots

These guys will first attack inside their pots. This needs to be broken before you can start doing damage. They will dive at you with it on, so dodge this and smash it as they recover.

Once the Pot is off, they have a few ranged attacks. One of them will spit their entrails at you, and the other will spray blood. Keep your distance until this has finished before moving in for the attack. They also have a jumping attack that can easily be rolled under to close space.

Be aware that if there are few of them, it can be very easy to become unlocked. Time your attacks well and try to split them up.

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How to descend the pots in Belurat Gaol

To descend the pots, begin with the one directly outside the room containing the mutated pot and Shadow Realm rune. As you line up each drop to the next hanging pot, make sure you aren’t going to hit any of the chains on either of them.

You won’t need to jump for any of the pots; this will cause you to overshoot. If you think there may be a chance you won’t make it, simply roll rather than jump. Trust me, they’re closer than you think. Make your way to the bottom to continue with the Belurat Gaol walkthrough.

At the bottom, you will have to beat a living jar, his two little friends, and two Mutated Pots. You should get a few Living Jar Shards and a Meat Dumpling from this encounter.

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Crossing the bridge and through the maze

On the bridge you enter out onto, there will be two more Mutated Pots to kill, dispatch these, and move onto the end of the bridge. This will, again, collapse, dropping you into a pot maze. Make your way forward, but be aware of a hidden Mutated Pot to your left; this will jump out at you.

Killing this will actually open up the path forward, but don’t go this way yet. Loot awaits. So, continue forward to the back of the room, being cautious of the patrolling pots. At the back of the room, you will be able to access the tops of the pots via ramps of fallen pots. Jump up onto these, being cautious of the ambush on your left.

There are two bodies you will see that can be easily accessed for basic loot. However, get up high, and you will be able to jump across to the loot in the middle of the room. Here you will find a Hefty Cracked Pot. We have a guide on the rest of them here.

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Now return to the back wall of the maze and take a right. Continue to follow the wall until you see a passage on your right where you should find the Potentates Cookbook. Back out of here and, turning right, following the back wall. You will eventually come to another pot ramp where you will find another Hefty Cracked Pot location in Belurat Gaol. Below this, on a corpse, you will find some Lost Ashes of War.

Head back to where you opened up the path by killing the first pot to continue. You will find a Sombre Smithing Stone to your left just as you’re about to leave.

Through the Pots to the Boss

I am not too proud to admit that this section wrecked me for a bit. As you exit the maze and onto the area just before the boss arena, there is one Pot to your right, with a Smithing Stone behind it. After this, you need to cross the narrow bridge and into a small arena.

Here, you will be attacked on all sides by Mutant Pots. Their diving attack with both the pot on and off has stagger and knockback, so you’re in a lot of danger of being both knocked off the ledge and stun-locked.

I suggest running to the opposite side and just jumping for the platforms down as fast as you can. This will put you at the mist gate, ready to pass through to the boss area. Ain’t nobody got time for all those disgusting pot people in Belurat Gaol.

How to defeat Demi-Human Swordmaster Onze

This little freak looks like Yoda and moves like him too. Think Malenia, but short and with freezing attacks.

He is going to move so fast. One of his combos is huge and very similar to Malenias’ long combo time. If you see him winding up and back, make some distance because dodge-rolling out of the way is hard.

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There are moments between his long slashing moves to attack. I would suggest a weapon with a good stagger. This is what worked for me. I used a high stagger attack with my Mimic Tear and a Bleed effect weapon. He is easy to stagger, and with the combined force of me and my body double, we quickly whittled down his health.

Once we beat him, I was awarded with the Demi-Human Swordsman Yosh summon. He will be very helpful as I get ready for my next boss fight in Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree.

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