Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion
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Elden Ring SotE Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss guide and cheese strategy

A roaring fight.

After exploring the Belurat, Tower Settlement dungeon you’ll eventually come across its final boss, the Divine Beast Dancing Lion. This guide will uncover how to defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree and if there’s a cheese strategy.

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How to defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

This is one of the toughest boss fights in all of Shadow of the Erdtree, and it may be your first one. This can be annoying when you believe you’re ready to face your first boss and are met with such a difficult foe. There’s no surefire way to defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, but we have some basic tips to remember when attempting to take this creature down.

Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion Npc
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First off, you’ll want to take as much aggro off of you as possible by summoning Spirit Ashes and bringing along the NPC waiting outside the boss door. Redmane Freya is waiting for you to summon her, and there’s no reason not to get her aid. I’ll also recommend your Mimic Tear as it’s another powerful ally to help take aggro off of you.

You may also want to leave and return once you’re upgraded further since Shadow of the Erdtree relies on a different upgrade system. Find more Scadutree Fragments around the Land of Shadow to bolster your offense and defense.

There are a few different builds that may aid you in defeating the Divine Beast Dancing Lion. You can try a Bleed build (which is what I rely on), an Intelligence build for devastating ranged spell attacks, or a Scarlet Rot build, which allows you to slowly deal damage without even attacking the creature.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion move set

When fighting the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, it’s best to know its move set so you can avoid its damaging attacks. during the first phase, the Dancing Lion likes to do a few attacks like a leaping bite which has it launch into the air and bite down on you. You can dodge to the side to avoid the bite, or you can block it using a shield.

Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion Smoke
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This creature also uses AoE wind/dust attacks, like a spinning wind attack where it’ll spin in circles and blow dust around it (start running in the opposite direction to avoid this), or a blowing wind attack where it blows the dust right out in front of it. This one is difficult to evade, but dodging to the side is best since it’ll blow vertically out of its mouth towards you.

Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion Lightning
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Then during the second phase, the Dancing Lion will begin to use deadly lightning and ice attacks. One of its lightning attacks will spray in your direction and move with you if you try to dodge to the side, but you can avoid it by continuously dodging so it doesn’t catch up with you. It’ll also blow lightning attacks in a circle around it, and with this, you just have to run far enough away to avoid it until it’s over.

After lightning, it’ll start with the ice attacks where it will stomp on the ground, summoning shards of ice to protrude from the ground. Dodge right before the Dancing Lion slams its foot to avoid getting knocked over. The beast will also do its normal bite attacks but with either lightning or ice added to it. Any bite attack can be dodged if you leap to the side or they can be blocked with a shield.

How to cheese the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss fight

Tryannicon Youtube
Image: Tyrannicon via YouTube

Someone online has already found a super easy way to take down the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, and it involves a Scarlet Rot build. Tyrannicon on YouTube showed himself defeating the beast in under three minutes using Ekzyke’s Decay.

This Incantation will inflict Scarlet Rot onto the Dancing Lion which will chip away at its health bar even when you’re not hitting it. This way, you can have your Spirit Ash and Redmane Freya to distract it while you stand far away and wait for it to slowly die from Scarlet Rot. If you can access this Incantation, this is the perfect time to use it.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion drops

Once you finally take down the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, you’ll earn the Remembrance of the Dancing Lion which you can trade in at the Roundtable Hold to gain its power. Here are your two options:

  • Enraged Divine Beast Talisman: Raises potency of storms.
  • Ash of War Divine Beast Frost Stomp: Grants affinities and skills to an armament.

Now you can leave this place for good and head to your next destination, but where should you go after Belurat Tower Settlement?

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