Tower Of Shadow Message Elden Ring
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Elden Ring SotE Tower of Shadow Message explained: Where to follow the crosses east

The Tower of Shadow message isn't very helpful.

After defeating the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, you’ll find the Tower of Shadow message that reads “I will follow the crosses east.” This guide will explain where you need to go next.

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Where to go for the Tower of Shadow message in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Tower Of Shadow Message Elden Ring Sote
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Tower of Shadow message is very subtle and doesn’t give you much information other than that you need to head to the east. Considering the map of Shadow of the Erdtree is huge, this information isn’t really helpful. The Tower of the Shadow message is hinting at you to head to Castle Ensis, north of Ellac Greatbridge. You can find this in the Gravesite Plain region.

Below is an image that shows the exact location of Castle Ensis. We have a full, comprehensive guide on Castle Ensis to help you get through it and defeat the boss.

Castle Esnis location Shadow of the Erdtree
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Once you reach Castle Ensis, you’ll be greeted by a giant enemy. Defeat the giant, and the rest of the enemies you encounter at this area, until you reach the Castle Ensis Checkpoint Site of Grace on the main path. Next to the Site of Grace, you’ll find the Castle Cross message.

The Castle Cross message will inform you that “to reach Kind Miquella, we must burn the tree that seals the path”. This is referring to the large shadow tree you discovered next to where you found the Tower of Shadow message in Belarut, Tower Settlement. You’ll be able to burn this tree later, but it’s not required now.

Where to go for the Castle Cross message in Elden Ring

Your next objective is to progress through Castle Ensis and beat the boss that lies within. Be prepared for a tough fight and I recommend to equip armor that has high defense against magic attacks. Once you defeat the boss of Castle Esnis, you will enter the next region, getting you one step closer to completing Shadow of the Erdtree.

The messages you have been finding so far on your journey, the Tower of Shadow and Castle Cross, are part of the main story and are there to help you on your journey. Continue following the critical path to complete the tasks mentioned in the messages. Eventually, you will be able to burn the shadow tree that blocks the path in Belarut, Tower Settlement.

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