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If you’re looking to enhance your Elder Scrolls Online experience, Zenimax Online is offering a free perk. ESO Plus, the Elder Scrolls Online premium membership, is free for a week. The one-week trial lets you preview most of the ESO benefits for its duration and is available to all players.

If you’re new to ESO, this is also an opportunity to get a taste of the full experience. ESO Plus offers up a number of benefits, perhaps the most notable being access to the game’s many, many expansions. Best of all, the trial doesn’t require payment info if you’re afraid it’ll slip your mind and you’ll end up paying after the trial.


In the announcement post, Zenimax Online laid out everything ESO Plus has to offer. In addition to DLC access, you’ll get an unlimited storage Craft Bag for crafting materials, double bank space for all characters, a 10% increase to various progression rates, double furnishing and collectibles space, the ability to dye costumes, and finally, double Transmute Crystal storage. There are a few ESO perks that aren’t included for trial members, which the developer also detailed on its site.

The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Holdbreaker Warhorse Mount

Also featured there are details on how to sign up for the trial. Once logged into Elder Scrolls Online, you’ll have to navigate to the Crown Store, select the ESO Plus tab, and the free trial will be present. The one-week trial has been running for a few days, and wraps up on January 26 at 10 AM ET.

The future of ESO

Elder Scrolls Online initially launched back in 2014 and it seems to be here to stay. Each year since 2017 has included a major new expansion, and we will hear more on this year’s Oblivion addition soon. Microsoft has also confirmed that its acquisition of Bethesda will have no affect on ESO, and Zenimax Online will continue to develop it in the future.

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