The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 ways to blow Skyrim out of the water

Although there have been no official announcements regarding The Elder Scrolls VI, given that Bethesda work the Elder Scrolls series on 5 year development cycles, it is reasonable to assume that The Elder Scrolls VI is certainly in progress since Skyrim was released in 2011. Everyone will be excited as a kid on Christmas Eve when VI is announced but one question everyone will be asking: How in the heck are Bethesda going to top Skyrim? That game was possibly the most hyped game of all time and it also managed to deliver on that hype. How can Bethesda possibly make an Elder Scrolls game that gets out the shadow of Skyrim?

In this article published by What Culture and written by James McGrath, you can read his ideas on how the next Elder Scrolls game can improve on Skyrim and flourish in its own right. From less loading, to better combat, and tighter controls, McGrath’s list has a lot of good points, we can only hope Bethesda read it. You can check out his article HERE.

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