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You can now turn those lines off if you fancy.

Today’s Elite: Dangerous update (to 1.03) isn’t a huge one, but does contain a couple of options and features players have been asking for. It’s now possible to toggle off the planetary and other celestial body orbit lines while in Supercruise, which is something a lot of people kept inquiring about.

Another useful feature change is the reduction in likelihood of NPC ships sneaking in and claiming your bounty at the last minute after you’ve spent ages weakening the ship.

Elite: Dangerous should now also recognise control binding icons for “some of the most popular control devices.”

Here’s the change log for 1.03:

• Added option to hide the orbit lines in shown in Supercruise to the right hand UI panel, under functions
• Added control bindings icons for some of the most popular control devices
• Reduce likelihood of NPC ships claiming bounties after a player has weakened an opponent
• Avoid disconnection if the client is unable to connect to the TURN server but is setup to successfully connect to peers through normal means
• Fix for refresh of mission data provoking rare disconnections from a heavily loaded server
• Fix for ranking missions sometimes being available from factions that won’t award a rank promotion
• Fix for “unknown error” shown when selecting an already refined material from the refinery hopper
• Fix for a rare crash when loading inconsistent saved game data
• Correction for missing name for Python radiator module
• Corrections for some mission descriptions
• Corrections for some galaxy data in a small number of systems
• Enhanced diagnostics for PVP bounties sometime not being awarded
• Enhanced diagnostics for rare errors preventing game data from loading

And one server-side update:

• Fix a bug that was preventing Commanders from exploration scanning stellar bodies that they had previously scanned but not sold and then died.

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