Elite Dangerous 1.1 beta is live – Planets look stunning

Time to get testing the upcoming game changes and new additions that will be coming to live servers.

This is a reminder that there’s lots of new features to check out and test in the Elite Dangerous v1.1 beta which is now live and kicking. Players of the game, and who were alpha/beta backers, can fire a new client to take part. When you launch the game you will be prompted to download a new Client Installer. Once installed there’s now an option to connect into the beta servers.

Ready for testing is a host of new features including changes to route planning, the new discovery tag system on planets, impressive looking city lights on inhabited planets (see shot above), a “fancy” new gas giant shader, and the community goals to name a few. There are also stacks of fixes going in for testing and Frontier has created a list of things they want players to test which are all listed in this forum thread.

The list of changes and updates are pretty massive so hit page 2 if you want to check the full list out. There’s a lot to digest.

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