elite dangerous beta 3 05

You probably don’t want this to happen.

In case you didn’t already know, Beta 3 for Elite: Dangerous launched yesterday; here’s an accompanying trailer with some prettiness. As you might expect, it sticks to some of the main activities added by the latest Beta update for the game.

Since you can now go mining in Elite: Dangerous, that’s what the trailer kicks off with. It then goes on to show a bit of dicey fuel scooping (flying close enough to a star to pick up some space travel-juice) and an interdiction attack (when your super-cruise is interrupted by would-by assailants.)

If you missed out on reading the full (and gigantic) list of changes brought to the game by the addition of Beta 3, head over to the game’s official forums and settle in for a lengthy reading session.

Here’s the trailer.

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