Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One open beta is now live

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One open beta is now live

Today marks the first phase of 2018 updates to Elite Dangerous with the release of the Beyond – Chapter One open beta.

This is the first step in showing players what’s coming and the beta includes the new Galnet Audio where the news is read out to players, new and improved trade data, and more challenging wing missions. Crime and punishment changes will also be in effect and players will also be able to take on missions that provide them with a choice of up to three different mission reward packages. This includes ‘hot’ ships, bounty and notoriety changes, detention centers and the Advance Tactical Response.

Horizons also get access to the Chieftain, the second Lakon ship that’s been added to the game. The patch notes for this update are lengthy and should be read carefully as there are also over 1000 bug fixes in this update.



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    • xCheck

      RNG, grinding and shallow gameplay has ruined this game for me. Fortunately “Beyond” makes things at least a slightly better here and there but I think attaching criminal status to ship is a huge step backwards – it seems we are more and more playing a ship and not a character.