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Mined how you go.

The big Beta 3 release for Elite: Dangerous is coming on 28 October, bringing with it favourable prospects for any budding space miners. In the latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter (#45,) the fundamentals of mining for precious metals are explained.

First of all you’ll need a mining laser, and something called an “extraction module.” You’ll also need a ship big enough to fit both of those things to, and one which can hold a reasonable amount of mined material. After that, simply head out into space and begin scanning for possible sources of mineral riches.

The newsletter notes that the greatest treasures are to be had in unexplored regions of space, before other Elite: Dangerous miners have stripped everything bare. Your prospecting should take you to distant, uninhabited star systems, full of ore-fat asteroids.

elite dangerous mining02

You’ll be needing at least one of these.

Once a promising asteroid is scanned, your task is to go to work on it with your laser. This will shatter the ‘claim’ in separate pieces for you to scoop up into the cargo bay (at which point the extraction module will start automatically picking out the valuable parts.) There will be a “big variation” between individual asteroids, so some of this will come down to luck and putting in the time to locate that major seam.

In addition to the above, the newsletter this week announces an Elite: Dangerous ‘Premiere’ event that’ll take place in the UK on 22 November. This “celebration of the game” will be streamed live on Twitch from its location at the Duxford Imperial War Museum. £50 tickets will be on sale at the Elite: Dangerous store from 24 October. Those Kickstarter backers who pledged at a level that included an invite to this party will receive this “soon.”

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