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Frontier’s latest newsletter-based communication contains a few more details about additions the ‘Engineers’ update will bring to Elite: Dangerous.

The latest word on the release schedule for Engineers is that it’s unlikely to appear before June, but Frontier are aiming to have a beta ready for the end of May.

When it does show up, players will be able to track Community Goals on the main galaxy map. They’ll “appear on there whether you’re signed up for that particular goal or not,” so figuring out where the nearest Community activity is taking place will always be fairly straightforward. In addition, these Goals will be available at all Starport mission boards, so signing up will be possible no matter where you are (aside from deep space, I suppose).

Here’s what the Community Goal icons will look like on the map.

elite community goals map

Those who like leaving a mark on the planets they visit in Elite: Dangerous will be pleased by the next bit of information. In The Engineers, the exploration buggies will leave tire tracks in dusty surfaces. Like so.

elite buggy tracks

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