elite dangerous fuel scoop

Time to fuel scoop your way across the stars.

Elite: Dangerous has entered the pre-release Gamma 1.0 stage with a newly released update. Start up the Elite: Dangerous launcher and log in to start downloading the latest version.

By most accounts there’s a high chance that another data wipe will occur prior to the “final” release on 16 December, but that still gives pilots plenty of time to mess around in the much expanded universe. Yes, one of the Gamma changes is the removal of the ‘Beta bubble.’ The playable areas are much, much bigger now.

There are also two more playable ships now (the Orca and Python,) plus freebie Eagle MKII’s for those who purchased a qualifying beta package.

Here’s the Elite: Dangerous Gamma 1.0 change log. For once it’s not five pages of text.

– Playable area no longer restricted to beta bubble
– Playable ship Python added
– Playable ship Orca added
– Kickstarter starting ships and locations added
– Freagles added
– Capital ship events added

– Fix crash following docking and accessing starport services
– Fix for multiple input devices not working – for example pedals and throttle from multiple input device controllers
– Chances for USSs increased
– Fix for cargo hatch not ejecting any cargo when malfunctioning
– Workaround for AMD white lines issue
– Check to make sure the target is this machine that this machine is ready to receive authority
– New games account for fines, bounties, and permits
– Added missing text strings for Federal and Imperial missions
– NPC Comms in Another Castle Unidentified Signal Sources should now only display the new target destination rather than listing multiple destinations

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