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Even saving up for one of these is going to take a while.

Honestly, I look away for a moment and two Elite: Dangerous Gamma updates come out at once. 1.04 (released earlier today) isn’t massively extensive, but when combined with yesterday’s 1.03 release it adds up to quite a few changes.

As always, the Elite: Dangerous launcher will invite you to download these updates. You can see the changes for each version below. It’s good to see stuff like “Don’t include systems we are not permitted to enter in the route planning” on the list. Hopefully there’ll be something like “not quite so impossible to find ship upgrades for sale” in future logs.

Before we get to the change logs, here’s a new video put out by Frontier with some useful combat tips in it. In fact, it’s actually a lot more useful than the in-game tutorial.

GAMMA 1.03

– Crash following dropping out of Supercruise at Aulin Nav Beacon fixed
– Fix for travel tutorial getting stuck in hyperspace
– Fix occasional crash at startup related to upnp
– Fix for model crashes in D3D
– Fix crash in targeting system
– Fix for rare scaleform crashes
– Fix for faction data crash in Fawaol system
– Fixed possible crash if you happen to shut down a ship on the same frame as it fires a drone
– Handle null pointer in star texture particles
– Fix decal trails threading issue
– Don’t include systems we are not permitted to enter in the route planning
– Player reported bounty vouchers never show up in the transactions tab fixed
– Fix an erroneous loadout appearing at USSs
– Server optimisation to use cached star system names
– Fix the false-positive user vanish reports from server to webserver
– Fix Venus atmosphere thickness
– Make sure micro rocks are locked and written into buffer before trying to draw them
– Fix for rocks mission when entering and leaving the rings in the single player missions
– Gas giant and rocky info was also using the boolean operation to mask flags
– Add mission abandonment telemetry for tracking down cargo ejection failures
– Append what kind of mission player event triggered a mission update request to the request
– More telemetry added for items not loading

UPDATE: Server side change log:

– Temporarily ration keen Explorers to 20 starsystems at a time when selling their scanned data at Universal Cartographics
– Fixed a bug that stopped some types of News Articles from being generated
– Fixed a bug that stopped some players from creating Commanders

GAMMA 1.04

– Address issues identified via telemetry of items loading indefinitely
– Ignore the buyback flag for livery items. Fixes disappearing paint jobs
– Fix an assert that happened in HIP 77310
– Additional telemetry for remaining indefinite item loads

And a couple of server side changes:

– Stocked the Basic Discovery Scanner and Size 2 Class H Shield Generator modules in significantly more outfitting shops
– Many performance and reliability improvements

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