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    Star port, or elaborate steering wheel? You decide.

    Much like the universe itself (well, probably,) Elite: Dangerous is expanding. Frontier Developments has announced today that the game is moving on to Premium Beta 2, a stage that adds three new star systems to the game (Aulin, LHS 3006 and Styx.)

    In addition to those new deep-space locations, this significant beta update also introduces Orbis class star ports. You can see more of these in the relaxing video below, accompanied by the traditional Elite sounds of the Blue Danube Waltz, but in short they’re much larger and “more luxurious” than the Coriolis ports.

    Elite: Dangerous‘ ship selection has expanded as well, adding the Hauler trading vessel to the existing line-up. It’s described as an “entry level” trader, with four times the cargo hold capacity of the Eagle. Plenty of room for smuggling narcotics, then. If you can do that yet in the beta.

    For those who just enjoy star-gazing, Frontier has added a high-resolution screen capture feature that can snap pics of your favourite galactic scenes at four times the size of your selected resolution. There’s also the usual note of “improved performance,” which is a bit vague but no doubt welcome.

    The only way to get involved in the Elite: Dangerous beta right now is to already be there (as a Kickstarter backer,) or pay your way in. It’s going for $150.00 USD, so that’s quite a chunk of change. Probably best to wait until a few betas down the line when it should be a bit more affordable.

    Here’s that sizable space port, just inviting you to try to dock and crash into the side instead.

    Peter Parrish

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