The ‘Race to Elite’ competition wrapped up a little while ago, so Elite: Dangerous are putting on a new contest with the enticing prize of five Nvidia GTX Titan Black cards.

Beginning at 5pm GMT today (27 March,) there are Titan Black Prototypes to be found for sale at one mystery star-port in the Elite: Dangerous universe. According to the rules of the contest “the first five players to retrieve and sell a canister of the Titan Black prototypes at Godel Ring in the Ededleen system will be rewarded with a real Titan Black.”

The entire objective must also happen in Open Play.

As the Elite: Dangerous newsletter 68 notes, you don’t have to necessarily buy the Titan Black Prototype – it must merely find itself in your possession and then be sold at Godel Ring.

So, that means decided whether to hunt for where they’re on sale and try to sneak into Godel Ring, or just sit outside Godel all day long scanning for someone who already found the cargo.

If you successfully make the delivery, you should “email [email protected] with your Commander name in the subject line along with the words ‘I sold an Nvidia Titan Black’.”

Winners will be judged based on when the Titan Black Prototypes were sold at Godel, not the order in which emails are received.

Peter Parrish

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