Elite Dangerous optimisations added in new GeForce Game Ready driver 347.09

Nvidia Elite Dangerous

A new driver is now available which may improve your Elite Dangerous experience.

Nvidia has just released the GeForce Game Ready beta driver 347.09 to coincide with the launch of Elite Dangerous and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. The update is available now through the GeForce Experience and also via the Nvidia site.

This update brings “performance optimizations, SLI profiles, and other tweaks” and Nvidia are recommending anyone playing either game install this update now. The update notes are currently non-existent so we’ll take their word for it that these are the best drivers to use for Elite Dangerous as of today.

I can’t say I ‘ve experienced any issues with Elite Dangerous on my GTX 980 but if you have on other Nvidia cards these may help resolve any problems.

Update The full notes for this update have now been released.

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