Elite: Dangerous reveals one of the enigmatic Engineers

Elite: Dangerous reveals one of the enigmatic Engineers

The latest edition of the Elite: Dangerous newsletter offers what seems to be a first look at one of the Engineer NPCs due to be added in the next major Horizons update.

You can see the fellow above. He’s apparently named Todd ‘The Blaster’ McQuinn, and he’ll be one of the limited number of Engineers who will be linked to 2.1’s looting and crafting systems. It has previously been stated that there will only be 30 or so of these Engineers throughout the galaxy, so if you wish to employ their services you’ll first need to track them down (or look up the location online, I suppose).

Update 2.1 for Elite: Dangerous, which has been dubbed “The Engineers” is expected around Spring. From what is known so far, it’ll add NPC mission-givers with faces and personalities, the aforementioned Engineers (who’ll be involved with crafting modules for your space vessels), and a loot system.

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