elite: dangerous ship transfer

Over the past few days, Frontier have been running a community poll on the subject of a proposed “instant” ship transfer mechanic. The results from that poll have now been released through a post on the company’s forum.

39,902 people voted in total, and Frontier was able to confirm 38,045 of those as validated Elite: Dangerous accounts. A hefty majority (70%) voted in favour of adding delivery times to the proposed system. Frontier state that this vote “has helped us confirm our decision to move away from having instant ship transfer”.

Prior to the vote being held the studio stated that arguments in favour of adding delivery times had already begun to sway them towards this method. The result helps to confirm that path. It’s likely that the attendant in-game (virtual) cost of transferring a ship will be reduced, since delivery will no longer be instantaneous.

This mechanic is expected in Elite’s 2.2 update, due around October.

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