Elite Dangerous v1.01 update released to fix disconnects and more

elite dangerous (4)

It’s the second day of Elite Dangerous and a new update has dropped on the servers.

While the launch of Elite Dangerous went relatively smoothly yesterday, there were a few issues that cropped up which would have been annoyances for some players. The v1.01 update, which has just gone live on the servers, should hopefully resolve disconnects and crashes. The version text has now also been removed from  the screen which I know irritated some players even though it was hardly a major issue unless you were going to constantly stare at it.

There’s also some “diagnostic” information gathering in this update pertaining to factions, memory, and bounties which should over time improve the game further. Here’s your notes.

  • Removed “Elite: Dangerous” version text
  • Fix one cause of infrequent disconnections during hyperspace when server load is high
  • Fix an infrequent system map crash related to data associated with specific systems
  • Fix some debug strings being shown in slave-related mission descriptions
  • Fix some ambiguous galaxy data in a small number of regions
  • Fix two different very rare networking crashes
  • Diagnostics to help track down one cause of disconnections following server island migration
  • Diagnostics to help understand some graphics memory allocation failures
  • Diagnostics to help track down systems with possibly inconsistent minor faction data
  • Diagnostics to help understand if some bounties aren’t being awarded
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