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No more 2 million credit Rare Goods runs, I guess.

By the looks of things, you’ll no longer be getting billionaire-rich in Elite: Dangerous by hauling 500 tonnes of Kitten Coffee across the stars. The patch notes for version 1.02 (released earlier today,) state that Commanders can now only buy their “own personal allocation” of Rare Goods from stations.

In practice, this appears to mean that Rare Goods purchases are limited to some degree. You’ll be able to buy a certain amount (so Commanders in the early game with smaller cargo holds will be fine,) but not clear out the entire station.

Exploring and selling the data for supermassive stellar bodies won’t be bringing in such huge payments either.

Text chat looks to be more viable as a genearal communication option now, and various crashes appear to have been fixed as well.

Here are the full change notes for Elite: Dangerous version 1.02:

– Allow text chat to function for any voice comms member, not just for friends
– Fix for a rare crash when scanning unexplored systems
– Fix for a rare crash during networked combat
– Fix for a very rare crash in or near starports and outposts
– Fix for a very rare crash after migrating servers on network island changes
– Corrections to some mission descriptions
– Corrections to some galaxy data in rarely visited systems
– Extend a time-out that occasionally triggers a disconnect during hyperspace
– Extend some previously added diagnostics to further refine the data gathered

Server-side changes:

– After yet another discussion with the rare commodity producers, Commanders should now be eligible to only purchase rare goods up to their own personal allocation, instead of buying everybody else’s ration as well.
– Universal Cartographics has issued a new purchasing policy, so Commanders exploring supermassive stellar bodies should no longer receive supermassive payouts.
– Tune matchmaking to significantly improve the chances of meeting other Commanders in space
– Improvements to Exploration server performance

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