Elite: Dangerous Wings update 1.2.04 today, plus trailer

Elite: Dangerous Wings update 1.2.04 today, plus trailer

Frontier have released a pre-weekend patch for Elite: Dangerous, fixing one or two of the issues that arose with the launch of the Wings update earlier in the week.

It’s not a gigantic list of changes, but the relevant Frontier post about it mentions improvements to head-tracking, claiming a bounty or combat bond for a faction now affecting a Commander’s reputation, and a reduction in faction influence changes from trading activities. All of which sound moderately important in the grand scheme of Elite: Dangerous.

Servers apparently went down at 4pm GMT for this update, so unless something went quite wrong there it should be available now.

In addition to today’s update, Frontier has released a couple of videos relating to the Wings additions. The first of two (below) is a straight up trailer, showing some co-operative play between friends and a stand-off with some prospective cargo thieves. It has a distinct lack of casual profanity for online co-op play, but otherwise seems alright.

The second video is a couple of days older, but gives people a bit of a tutorial on the changes introduced to Elite: Dangerous with Wings. I’ve included it since it seems quite helpful.

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