Elite: Dangerous Wings Update 1.2.06 released

This week brings another patch to the Elite Dangerous universe.

The Elite: Dangerous servers just went down and should now be back online with the Wings Update 1.2.06. As the title suggests, this comes with a couple of Wings fixes but there are of course other updates to note including faction fixes.

The patch should be live now if you hop on.

Client Changes:

– Stability fixes for wing invites in cases where invites get through but only exist for a second
– Stability fix for low level thread deadlock
– Crash fix and better error handling for TrackIR
– Fix crash caused by trying to get a system address from a name before it was ready
– Fixed all the inconsistent canopy health values
– Fix for ship internals no longer listed
– Move JEPOCHAL-G OUTPOST away from planet so it can be reached
– Move Castellan Station away from Lave 2 to prevent people not being able to supercruise away
– Fix erroneous (empty) messages about combat bonds
– Put in a clamp to eccentricity in the constructors of orbits
– Fix for auto generated news malformed string
– Fix typos in Leestian Evil Juice description

Server Changes:

– Unblock the queue of minor faction influence changes from missions ending in certain star systems
– Allow exploration data to be listed and sold for certain commanders
– Automated the start and end of faction states of war and election
– Minor factions in a conflict can only take influence from other factions in the same conflict
– Fix to allow Commanders to remove old Albino Mammoths from their cargo holds
– Fix to allow Commanders to reject invitations to join other Commanders’ private groups
– Stock the last few remaining ships and modules at Jameson Memorial

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