Never mind all this E3 business, the Hitman schedule goes ahead regardless and Agent 47 has more work to do. Later today (around two hours from writing, at 12 noon Pacific), the fourth Elusive Target will show up in the game.

Codenamed ‘The Sensation’, he’s an underground musician and entrepreneur wanted in connection with a homicide. Normally he keeps his movements extremely low-key, but he happens to be holding a private party in Paris over the next 50-some hours. Happily, that’s somewhere Agent 47’s already familiar with.

As usual with Hitman’s Elusive Targets, once the real-world time limit is up, the target will vanish from the game. You get one chance to take them out (if 47 dies, you’ve failed). If you missed the news yesterday, you might also be interested in word of a pair of bonus missions coming to the game in July.


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