Embr Adds Food Delivery Side Gig In Early Access Update (2)

Simulator games are all the rage nowadays. All sorts of occupations have been given the treatment to varying degrees of success, but a red hot one about firefighting might just be on the horizon. Having arrived on both Steam and Google Stadia in Early Access last month, Embr will now see its first major update. Available now, Curve Digital and Muse Games have brought even more frantic action to the multiplayer affair.

Juggling gigs

The Embr Eats update will add a brand new mode to the game. Now, you can supplement your firefighting income with some action as a food delivery service employee.

“Everybody who has played the game so far knows that Embr‘s frenzied take on firefighting is a satirical way of taking a look at the gig economy,” said Howard Tsao, team lead at Muse Games.

“The new update takes that even further, with the Embr Eats feature throwing take-out delivery into the mix for good measure. Delivering food is a way for players to top up their earnings and we also think it adds a new take on the world of Embr. This is just the first of our ideas, too – we have more where this came from. We’re very much a ‘live project’ with the game in Early Access, and so improving the game – both with bug fixes and new play modes like this – is a huge priority.”

Embr Adds Food Delivery Side Gig In Early Access Update (2)

More goodies

A new level will also come alongside this new update. Empire Towers will allow firefighters to battle the flames in a densely packed high-rise, so get ready for heights and heat. Next, a new offhand tool, the Stim Pen, will allow you to regain health in an instant. And those wanting to look good while doing their job can look to the Curve Crossover Fashion Pack. It includes items such as:

  • Bomber Crew Outfit – Hat & Jacket
  • Hot Shot Outfit – Hat & Jacket
  • American Fugitive Outfit – Shirt & Pants
  • Stealth Inc Outfit: Goggles, Shirt, Gloves, & Pants
  • Early Access and Convention exclusive item: The FAX Hat

Embr is available on Early Access for Steam and Google Stadia.

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