The rogue-like genre is an odd one, in the sense that I’ve rarely seen people able to agree on what it is. They’re awfully good at agreeing what it isn’t though, so it’s probably for the best that RobotLovesKitty has hedged their bets by dubbing their forthcoming Legend of Dungeon title a rogue-like-like. Nobody will be able to argue with that, surely? (they will).

    It’s not just a rogue-like-like, however. Oh no, this game is donning its helmet and going on a genre-crossing adventure into beat-em-up land. Not only that, it’s aiming to do it as a four player co-op experience.

    Have a look at the video and screenshots below for some delightful pixel art and moody lighting effects. Raiding the ever-deeper dungeons is looking like an atmospheric prospect.

    You can follow development on RobotLoveKitty’s dev blog.

    Peter Parrish

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