Since pre-order bonuses already make so many people wish for death, THQ has taken the inventive step of making the Darksiders 2 goodies all about the grim reaper. Of course, it helps that Death is the title’s playable character. If you want to risk slapping down your cash early (before the game’s UK release on 29 June), you could secure one of the following bonuses.
The Death Rides pack will be available from selected regional retailers (Game and Gamestation in the UK, plus Gamestop in Ireland) and includes “multiple” exclusive side quests, such as retrieving Karn’s lost treasure, for around two hours of extra game time.
Meanwhile, the Angel of Death pack will offer “a unique set of enhanced armour with an angel inspired design as well as a pair of upgraded matching scythes” plus a “exclusive visual trail for your companion crow Dust”. UK retailers for this particular offer are still ‘to be announced’.
Over at, you’ll be able to pick up the Deadly Despair pack which gives some kind of performance enhancing drugs to Death’s horse, Despair, allowing him to travel faster. Apparently, “This perk is a permanent increase that will last throughout the game.”
Darksiders 2 is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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