Empire Of Sin Testing New Patch Headlined By Auto Resolve Feature (1)

It has barely been a month since we last got a significant patch for Empire of Sin, but it is clear that Romero Games is looking to improve the criminal experience for players as much as possible. The new 1.04 patch for Empire of Sin has been spotted as a beta for the game, bringing new features and fixes. Interested players can opt in to give it a whirl, and there are certainly some things to look out for ahead of the actual release.

The biggest feature being implemented is the addition of auto-resolve. As teased previously in the 1.03 patch, this option will let you auto-resolve the many criminal skirmishes that you will inevitably be part of during your career.


Instead of manually engaging in each battle, you can let the AI sort it out for you. No more tedious street fights with thugs when you already have superior firepower.

Romero Games aims to give players an alternative option for fighting. Combat auto-resolve will provide reliable, useful information that lets you make the best decision. You will know who is in the fight, their professions, and their equipment. You can then choose to either fight or auto-resolve thanks to the new feature in the Empire of Sin patch.

Empire Of Sin Testing New Patch Headlined By Auto Resolve Feature (2)

Ironing out the details

It is not a consequence-free decision, however. Your gangsters and bosses can take damage during auto-resolve conflicts. Should the boss dies, your game will still be over. That said, this added convenience will still be worth it for many would-be criminal bosses.

Should you want to heal up fast, the Safehouse healing exploit has also been fixed by the developers. You should know by now that health and good fortune never comes that easy when you’re a part of the mob.

That is not all for the new beta patch for Empire of Sin. There is also a whole list of quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and tweaks included. Players can expect combat, missions, the UI, and the game in general, to perform much better and without issues.

Be sure to check out the full patch notes for the comprehensive details.

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