Upcoming 1.03 Patch Takes Aim At Empire Of Sin's Biggest Concerns (4)

Empire of Sin launched five months ago to fairly rocky reception. Our reviewer gave it a 6/10, and it’s currently sitting at mixed on Steam. This is why it’s great that the game is still receiving support that can help improve it some. The game’s developer and publisher announced a new update today. This update shouldn’t be confused with the other update that’s launching for the game today, called the Gangster Update. The Gangster Update adds in a bunch of improvements, such as improved missions, better weapon proficiency, better controller support, and more.

The Precinct Update is next up, and is set to release later this year. It promises to bring new features while expanding upon Empire of Sin‘s gameplay. The game’s director, Brenda Romero, had the following to say about the updates: “While there’s always work to do and improvements to make, Empire of Sin has reached a point where we feel we can start shifting our focus towards more new ideas, like we’ve done so far with things like autoresolve, weapon proficiencies, the safehouse rework, and more. Of course, we’ll always work to respond to any issues raised by our community, but starting with The Precinct, you’ll see the patch notes include a lot more in the ‘new features’ section than ever before!”


Empire of Sin Precinct Update

The Precinct Update has a lot of changes and improvements planned that should spice up Empire of Sin. It promises that players will be able to “paint the map,” without really specifying what that means. I’m assuming it doesn’t have anything to do with actual paint. But new paths to victory and win conditions are set to be added, and there will even be mod support. There’s supposed to be a lot more in the way of neighborhood management as well, so this update appears to be something that fans should keep an eye on.

Empire Of Sin Character Classes Guide 1b

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