Creative Assembly has revealed Empire: Total War – The Warpath Campaign, the first DLC expansion.The expansion will be exclusive to Steam and contains a new North American campaign map with new regions and a new start date, with five all-new playable Native American factions – the Iroquois, the Huron, the Plains, the Pueblo, and the Cherokee tribes – who have to try and fend off the invaders.Expect a new tech tree (containing things like Spirit Medicine, the Call of the Wild, and Dreamwalking) and new units to go with your new campaign, or take the Natives into multiplayer combat. Expect Elite units like Mohawk Elite Warriors, Cheyenne Dog Soldiers, Navajo Scout Warriors, and various others, in addition to new Agent units like the Shaman and the Scout.All this, for £5.99 GBP, and it’s available for pre-order now.Creative Assembly has also noted that patch 1.4 is due to drop tomorrow, which will include some minor updates in addition to two new battles (the Battle of Rossbach and the Battle of Fontenoy) which can be played in both single-player and multiplayer, along with, presumably, the much-anticipated naval warfare updates. You can read up on the patch notes here.Empire: Total War is brilliant. If you don’t have it yet, read our review to find out why you should, particularly now that it’s been patched a few times.

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