Creative Assembly has announced that Patch 1.30 for Empire: Total War will go live on 22 June: this coming Monday.The patch contains 14 free units in addition to a whole host of bug fixes and balance changes, including, uh, Scots. The Scots feature a “deadly charge,” according to the patch notes, though any Englishman who’s hung around after a Rangers match could probably have told you that.These units replace “generic” units, intended to “give each faction a unique identity on the battlefield,” according to Creative Assembly’s Mark O’Connell.Other than the units, we’re promised higher frame rates all across the board but particularly in land and naval battles, with work done for both single-core and multi-core machines. Yet more crash bugs have been fixed; campaign map turn times have been reduced; Mob formation has been added for Native American, irregular, and some skirmisher units – and that’s far from all, with plenty of other balance tweaks and bug fixes.You can check out the full patch notes here. If you don’t have Empire: Total War, then you should really think about it. It’s great.

Paul Younger
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