Empire: Total War Patch 1.5 Includes Free Maps

Creative Assembly has revealed that the forthcoming Empire: Total War patch 1.5 will include five free multiplayer maps.No word on what’s in the patch itself, but the multiplayer maps, according to a post on the official forums, are as follows:Grassy Flatlands – This is a flat, balanced map designed for competetive/tournament [sic] play.Austrian Pinnacles – A maze like European landcape with plenty ofopportunities to outflank and maneuver around your opponent(s).
Syrian Ridge – A desert map with several oasis scattered aroundand a large sandy hill near the centre to dominate the opposition.
Siberian Plateau – A balanced flat snowy tundra map, heavily forested to allow for ambush and conealed [sic] fighting.
Homestead – An American plains map with several cabin dwellingsand low rolling hills with oportunities [sic] to seize elevated positions.All maps will apparently be available for all team sizes, so whether you like 1v1, 4v4, or anything in between, you’re covered.The recently-released Patch 1.4 rejigged the naval combat in the game quite significantly, but the next major update looks to be a DLC campaign focused around the Native Americans and titled Warpath.

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