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That Guild Wars 2 is getting a third expansion, we already knew. But now we finally have a name and even a small teaser. The End of Dragons expansion sees us going to Cantha, which was heavily implied, but now officially confirmed.

End of Dragons is coming in 2021

Guild Wars 2 was long assumed to be on its last legs, but last March, developer ArenaNet confirmed that a third expansion was indeed in development. Now we know its name, End of Dragons, and location, but other than that, there’s really not much to go on. 2021 is all ArenaNet gave us and left it at that. Still, it’s more than any Guild Wars 2 player could hope for after fearing for the game’s life for so long.

While the name might be a bit uninspired, the trailer certainly is not. With beautiful visuals and an awesome new logo, End of Dragons looks to be an amazing-looking expansion. The words, End of Dragons, might also imply that ArenaNet is finally finding a way past a plot that has had them constricted since the beginning of Guild Wars 2.

The Elder Dragons were such a huge threat to the world of Tyria that ArenaNet kind of wrote themselves into a corner. With most of them taken care of now, End of Dragons might finally break ArenaNet free from the shackles of the Dragons and focus more on different storylines. The teaser did, however, feature one prominent dragon theorized to be a scion of one of the last Elder Dragons alive. Does that mean we’ll face an Elder Dragon once more, or is it a red herring?

Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam in November this year

Besides showing a shiny new trailer, ArenaNet also confirmed that Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam. It’s perhaps a few years late, but at least it shows they are looking to increase the player numbers again. Many players are disappointed in ArenaNet’s poor marketing for the game, and considered Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar’s recent GW2 streams to be better marketing than ArenaNet has done in years.

You can now add Guild Wars 2 to your wishlist on Steam, which is, of course, free-to-play with restrictions. Buying any of the expansions, including End of Dragons when the time comes, includes all the base features as well as those expansions’ features unlocked on your account. Be aware, however, that existing accounts can’t transfer over to be used on Steam.

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