Ender Lilies boss rush new game plus Fallen Priestess

Earlier today, developers Adglobe and Live Wire released the 1.1.0 patch for their well-received indie game Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights. Like most other patches, it rebalances several game mechanics, particularly the skills and relics, and removes a few immersion-breaking bugs. But the 1.1.0 patch also brings quite a few substantial updates to the game, which mostly consists of new modes for fans to sink their teeth into. Out of all the patch’s additions, the new boss rush mode and new game plus feature will likely stick out the most to fans, as they promise to really shake up the base Ender Lilies experience.

According to the patch notes, the boss rush mode, dubbed Maligned Memories, will become available after the player defeats and purifies every boss in the game. The difficulty of this mode will change depending on whatever chapter the player is currently on. In addition, the difficulty  decides what materials the player will earn after finishing Maligned Memories. The mode will also save the player’s completion time, a feature that will certainly appeal to speedrunners. Those interested in playing Maligned Memories can do so at any rest point.

As for the new game plus mode, it allows players to carry over their “status, actions, skills, relics and tips,” as one would expect. To keep up with the player, the enemies in this mode will sport higher stats than they did in the final story chapter. More interestingly, the mode will also alter the behavior of enemies and bosses, which will likely make them substantially more challenging.


Anything else in the patch?

In addition to these modes, the 1.1.0 patch adds several other features, including a new relic and another mode. This mode, called Purified Memories, pits players against a special purified boss and has similar rules to the boss rush mode. The patch also adds the Blightborn Modes feature, which allows players to tweak game parameters and set up unique challenge runs for themselves.

This new patch seems like it will extend the longevity of Ender Lilies by quite a bit, and experienced players will likely enjoy pushing themselves with the new boss rush and new game plus modes.

Ender Lilies boss rush new game plus tree

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