Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights — Ruined Keep and Knight Captain Julius guide

Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights Ruined Keep Knight Captain Julius Guide

Ruined Keep level: Map, important rewards, and spirit skills

Let’s talk about the important stuff that we can find in the Ruined Keep level of Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights.


First, take a look at the map below:

Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights Ruined Keep Knight Captain Julius Guide 1a1

1. You can reach this area from the Bastion Gates respite. Use the hook points and grapple to the upper-left exit. Here are a few tidbits:

  • Spirit skill/miniboss: Fallen Sentinel – Keep using the grapple to reach the upper-left section.
  • 30x Furious Blight – Use the grapple to reach a ledge. This has a doorway that lets you enter the Ruined Keep proper.
  • The lower left exit in this area takes you to the submerged section that leads all the way back to the Cliffside Hamlet – Bridgehead respite. If you swim further to the left, you’ll find a hook point for the grapple, but you can only reach it once you get the wall climb ability. Once you have that, you can get 800x Stagnant Blight.

Ell Qkn Rnkp Gd 1a

2. Respite: Guest Chambers

3. Relic: Royal Aegis Crest – Inside a chest at the left-hand corner of this room. To the right, you’ll find 30x Stagnant Blight, but you do need the wall climb ability to reach a nook.

4. Respite: Ruined Castle Cellar

5. This is a large open area with several rewards/collectibles:

  • Relic: Priestess Doll.
  • Spirit skill/miniboss: Castle Town Maiden.
  • 100x Furious Blight (requires Knight Julius’ Spectral Lance).
  • 100x Stagnant Blight (requires Knight Julius’ Spectral Lance).
  • If you keep going to the left, you’ll find a tower that connects to the spot where you fought Gerrod. But, this requires the wall climb ability.

Ell Qkn Rnkp Gd 1b

6. Relic: Blightwreathed Blade – In a nook to the right. There’s also a Chain of Sorcery here at the upper-right corner, but you need the wall climb ability.

7. Respite: Maelstrom Ramparts – There are lots of things that you can do here:

  • 30x Stagnant Blight – Go to the left and jump down, but keep hugging the wall. You’ll find a hidden nook.
  • Relic: Decayed Crown – If you keep falling down (still hugging the wall), you should land on a wooden pole.
  • The room to the right of this respite has a section that gets locked down (like many others in this zone). At the top-right ledge, though, you’ll find 30x Furious Blight (this might require the wall climb and a bit of acrobatics).

Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights Ruined Keep Knight Captain Julius Guide 1b

8. This large chamber has some important stuff:

  • Locked door/Stone Tablet – Climb a bit higher and check the right-hand side.
  • Chain of Sorcery – You’ll find this at the very top of this chamber by using the grapple.

9. To activate the lift, you’ll first need to interact with the levers that can only be reached by going through the rooms to the left and right of this area.

After reaching the next floor, you’ll notice exits at the sides. There’s also 1x Amulet Gem at the very top near the ceiling. However, you’ll need a combination of the wall climb (Ulv/Twin Spires) and grappling hook (Hoenir/Stockade) perks, as well as the Verboten Champion and Incompetent Sinner skills (Verboten Domain). Grab the part of the wall that’s jutting out on the left side, then use your jumps/uppercuts to go to the right. You should be able to grab the higher section of the wall by air-dashing to it. You’ll then see the hook point right above you.

Ell Qkn Rnkp Gd 3

10. This is a wide-open area with a towering wall to the right:

  • Amulet Fragment – At the top-right corner (use the grapple).
  • 100x Stagnant Blight – There’s a breakable part of the wall off to its side (near the grapple points). This allows you to reach the opposite section. Drop down to grab the rewards. You do need to wall climb to get back to the top.
  • 800x Furious Blight – This one requires you to have the wall climb ability, as well as the Incompetent Sinner and Verboten Champion skills. From the wall near where you obtained the Amulet Fragment, use a combination of double jumps, air dashes, and the two spirit skills to reach the opposite side (the one closer to the exit that takes you to the King’s Chambers respite in #12). Keep using these quirks as you make your way to the top of the left-hand side of this area. Then, cross the gap to reach the rightmost edge which has the reward.

Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights Ruined Keep Knight Captain Julius Guide 1c

11. This is a huge area with several rewards:

  • Amulet Fragment – At the bottom where you’ll find the centaurs.
  • 100x Furious Blight – Use the grapples, air dash, and pop the Spectral Lance to break the pustulant wall at the upper-right section.
  • Relic: Eldred’s Ring – Clear out the knight mobs and go to the edge of the platform. Dash and make sure the Spectral Lance has gained enough momentum (two red flashes). This will destroy the large pustulant wall (seen below).

12. Respite: King’s Chambers

13. Boss fight: Knight Captain Julius

Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights Ruined Keep Knight Captain Julius Guide 1d

14. Respite: Tower Alcove – You can reach this area from #10. There’s a Priestess’ Wish here to boost your healing prayer efficiency. You’ll also notice hook points for your grapple, but you can’t reach the top unless you have the wall climb ability.

15. Once you have the wall climb ability, though, you’ll be able to get to this area:

  • Multiple x10 Stagnant Blight nodes.
  • Spirit skill/miniboss: One-Eyed Royal Aegis (seen below).

All right, let’s talk about the Knight Captain Julius boss fight in the next part of our Ruined Keep guide for Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights.

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