Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights — Verboten Domain and Miriel guide

Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights Verboten Domain Miriel Faden Heretic Mask Guide

Verboten Domain level: Map, important rewards, and spirit skills

Let’s talk about the important stuff that we can find in the Verboten Domain level of Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights.


First, take a look at the map below:

Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights Verboten Domain Miriel Faden Heretic Mask Guide 1b1

1. Respite: Subterranean Lab B1 – This is where you’ll be after coming from Witch’s Thicket.

2. Relic: Weathered Necklace – Go to the top-left section and try to reach the nook on the right-hand side.

3. Spirit skill/miniboss: Verboten Champion – The mob is on the left side of this room. You’ll need Faden’s power to unlock the door. There’s also a Chain of Sorcery that’s dropped by a slime monstrosity in another section of this area.

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4. Respite: Subterranean Lab B2: This is where you’ll find the Heretic Mask by dropping down from the Stockade.

5. The lower left exit of this room has a lever that removes one barricade in the main elevator shaft (#6). Also, you’ll find 30x Furious Blight and 30x Stagnant Blight if you swim underwater.

6. This is a large elevator shaft. There are rooms that connect here, and you might even find some rewards (i.e., Amulet Fragment). Your goal, though, is to interact with the levers by traversing the connecting rooms. Once you’re able to do this, you can ride the elevator all the way down to #14.

7. Respite: Subterranean Lab B3.

8. Chain of Sorcery and 100x Stagnant Blight – Found by killing a slimy monstrosity and the fly nest in a small room. The room will be closed once you enter, and you can only get out after defeating the enemies.

9. 100x Furious Blight and 100x Stagnant Blight – Found underwater. An Amulet Gem is also between these two spots inside a hidden nook underwater.

Calivia’s Ring (relic) might also be here or in the connecting area to the main elevator shaft (#6). Unfortunately, I messed up my screenshots and I couldn’t remember the exact spot.

Ell Qkn Vrb Gd 2b

10. Relic: Blighted Appendage

11. Spirit skill/miniboss: Incompetent Sinner – This is an underwater fight, so make sure you’re prepared.

There’s also 30x Stagnant Blight here on a floating ledge. To reach it, head to the upper-left section of this area. You’ll find a lift that takes you close to the exit that leads to room #10. Ride the lift and jump down when it’s between the two spiky mines. You should see the ledge with the reward.

12. Respite: Subterranean Lab B4 – Take a look at the dais in this room. Stand in front of it and do Gerrod’s ground smash to reveal a hidden passageway. You’ll find a Priestess’ Wish, a locked door, and a lift that goes down to #13.

13. Locked door/Stone Tablet and 2x Ancient Souls – The mists and red waters in the Verboten Domain pale in comparison to this particular area. Here, you’ll take 10 points of damage even with the Heretic Mask equipped. Moreover, you’ll have to dash/swim past the mines which can easily take a chunk out of your health.

I suggest equipping HP-boosting and healing prayer relics just to stay alive. You should have six healing prayer uses, increased healing (Holy Spring Water), and faster healing activation (Nymphilia’s Ring). Toss in the Ruined Witch’s Book and Spellbound Anklet to help with mobility too.

Anyway, you’ll find a couple of 100x Stagnant Blight pick-ups here. Lastly, at the bottom of this submerged passageway, you’ll discover a small chamber with a Stone Tablet (for the Aegis Curio) and 2x Ancient Souls (for the Umbral Knight). The portal here takes you back to Subterranean Lab B4.

Ell Qkn Vrb Gd 2c

14. Respite: Subterranean Lab B5 – Assuming you were able to activate the levers to remove the elevator’s barricades, you should be able to ride it all the way down to this room.

15. Boss fight: Miriel

16. Faden’s Lab – This is where you can purify Faden to get his power and the ability to unlock doors. There’s one right below you that leads to The Deep.

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You can get 800x Stagnant Blight here. The idea is to do the following: Single jump -> Verboten Champion uppercut -> 2x Guardian Silva’s attacks while facing to the left (these will cause Lily to do a little backward hop that slightly pushes her closer to the right-hand wall) -> do your second jump -> Incompetent Sinner -> air dash. You should be able to grip the wall and climb it until you reach the 800x Stagnant Blight reward.

If you’re having trouble, you can also watch the video below from YouTuber 人蔘. In any case, let’s talk about the Miriel boss fight in the next part of our Verboten Domain guide for Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights.

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