Endless Dungeon announced by Sega and Amplitude Studios

Endless Dungeon

Fans of Dungeon of the Endless have something else to look forward to as Sega announced Endless Dungeon at The Game Awards tonight. Acting as a quasi sequel to Dungeon of the Endless, players will return to the Endless Universe for a brand new adventure. A rogue-lite tactical action game, the game will have players take on multiple suicide missions on a long marooned space station.

Why the station was marooned is what you are here to find out. Players will recruit a wide and wacky array of characters to help them on their mission. There will be a single player mode, as well as multiplayer so you and a group of friends can see how long you’ll survive. You will also be tasked with taking care of a crystal, which brings up memories of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and that damn bucket… Hopefully Endless Universe will avoid the pitfalls that game went through.

Amplitude Studios is being coy about how exactly this game lines up with Dungeon of the Endless. It is confirmed to take place in the same universe, but where and when in that universe is currently unknown. We do know that the game will be coming to both consoles and PC though, which shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone, but still good to know.

It really is endless isn’t it?

To celebrate the announcement, Amplitude Studios is giving away a free skin for their upcoming game. Simply sign up for the Endless Dungeon mailing list and you’ll get access to a new skin for one of the robot characters in the game when it releases. As for when exactly that release will be we don’t know quite yet. There is no release date or release window at this time. If you haven’t checked out the original game though, it was recently added to Xbox Game Pass in June.

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