Endless Legend - The Cultists Reign

Who WOULDN’T want to sign up with these guys?

Amplitude’s 4x strategy title Endless Legend moves out of Early Access into a full Steam release today, accompanied by the reveal of an eighth faction. This Cultist faction is actually one which I’ve been using in the review copy of the game, and is rather entertaining.

Rather than building cities across the map, the Cultists stay in one mega-city (the seat of the mysterious Queen) and spread their fervent word to the nearby minor faction villages. Basically, once a faction village is pacified (either through violence or diplomacy,) you can convert that settlement to your cult. It will provide resources and periodically pop out a new unit for you to sell or use in your forces.

Any captured enemy cities are simply razed for resources.

They’ve been pretty fun to control so far, and like most of the Endless Legend factions have an interesting take on the usual 4x play style. Here’s their intro cut-scene, plus a couple of screenshots.

In additional to those, there’s an official launch trailer for Endless Legend as well. You can view that, below. The IncGamers review of Endless Legend will most likely be forthcoming early next week. Keep an eye on the site for when that shows up.

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