The Guardians expansion for critically lauded 4x Endless Legend has been released today (priced at $10,) adding new unit types, buildings and events to the game.

With Guardians, each Endless Legend faction will be able to field gigantic units (funnily enough named Guardians) and further improve them with new gemstone accessories. Everybody wants to have the best accessorised Guardian in town.

Each era of technology will now have associated legendary deeds and buildings. These are a first-come, first-served undertaking, so you need to commit to them if you wish to reap the rewards. Naturally, each unique building will actually appear on the Endless Legend map as part of your city, and provide various bonuses.

Global events can occur in Guardians too. These are random occurrences which may encourage you to redirect your tactics to either benefit from their bonuses, or to avoid the consequences.

Both co-operative and competitive quests have been added to multiplayer as well.

For further details on all of those additions, watch the ‘Focus’ video below. In it, Amplitude’s Narrative Director Jeff Spock talks through all of the new features. There’s also a fair bit of gameplay footage, if you want to see what the Guardian units look like and so on.

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