After the everything-but-the-AI excellence of Endless Legend, the prospect of an Endless Space 2 is rather exciting. I liked the first one quite a bit, but lessons about further faction diversity and research trees/hubs from Endless Legend applied to the space 4X format could make a sequel rather marvellous.

The Endless Legend 2 ‘reveal’ was the culmination of an Amplitude community ARG type thing, in which eager folks had to uncover clues and whatnot. There’s still more of that going on with the strange “interactive” trailer on this page.

As usual with Amplitude’s games, Endless Space 2 will have direct connections to the first game, Endless Legend, and the spin-offs like Dungeon of the Endless.

More in-depth details are obviously being held for Gamescom, so beyond the confirmation that Endless Space 2 will indeed be a 4X space-strategy game there’s not a whole lot else besides this sentence: “[Endless Space 2] launches players into the space colonisation age of various civilizations within the Endless universe.”

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