Endless Space

    The fourth free add-on for 4x strategy title Endless Space will be available through Steam some time today. Entitled ‘Virtual Awakening,’ the update will add new technologies and buildings related to Gas Giants, some new escalating random events, additional planet anomalies and four unique heroes to help lead your glorious empire.

    In addition, the game will be 50% off on Steam from today until 18 March. So for a while it’ll just cost you $15.00 USD.

    Developers Amplitude Studios also note that the game has now sold over 300,000 copies in total.

    Here’s the full update list, followed by some screenshots:

    Free Weekend Rewards
    • 4 unique Heroes including a powerful Virtual Endless
    • Extra Technologies and Buildings focusing on asteroids and gas giants
    • Global Interactive Events (including an event designed by Codename_Veers)
    • New Escalating Random Events (2 of them designed by KingJohnVI)
    • Additional Exploration Rewards and Planet Anomalies
    AI Improvements
    • Ability to scrap buildings
    • Enhanced hero management
    • Better affinity and faction trait management
    Other additions and improvements
    • Victory Warning alert messages
    • Improved blockade effects: now activated on Guard and Invasion only
    • New Auto Scrap button for unnecessary improvements in the Empire view
    • Redesigned game speed effects
    • Tax Rate tooltip in the Empire view

    Peter Parrish

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