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Endzone – A World Apart places you in a harsh environment where you’ll need to survive with your settlers, all while fortifying and growing your base. Here’s our guide to help you with building chains, production, and settler jobs in Endzone – A World Apart.

Note: This guide is based on Endzone – A World Apart‘s Early Access build just prior to the release of version 1.0. You may also check out our guides regarding expeditions and research/technology.


Endzone – A World Apart guide Constructing building chains, speeding up production, and managing settlers

To be clear, the survival sandbox in Endzone – A World Apart might seem relaxing and fairly lenient at first. But you’ll soon run into issues with production chains and settlers’ jobs/tasks. As such, it’s important to take note of the buildings that you’re constructing, as well as the items and resources that you’re generating.

Moreover, this guide assumes that you’ll start a game with a lot of resources, radiation protection gear, and tools just to help with your future expansion. Likewise, the “in-game stage/season” simply denotes when you could construct certain buildings as others might be affected by available resources or research techs.

Extra tips

Bear in mind that several buildings in Endzone – A World Apart can have their “field of work” changed (seen below). This allows you to set a new radius of effect where certain tasks will take place in. For instance, once a scrapyard has collected a bunch of materials from nearby ruins, you can set a new salvaging area in other ruins. The same goes for forester’s lodges, hunting lodges, herbal huts, decontamination posts, markets, and more.

Lastly, do consider the number of settlers that you have. You’ll want to assign at least three people as builders at the start of your Endzone – A World Apart campaign. Over time, you could increase or decrease this number (same with other job types) depending on the needs of the settlement.

Endzone A World Apart Buildings Settlers Job Production Chains Resources Guide 1

Water buildings

In-game stage/SeasonBuildingFunctionSettler Job
Early-gameJettyWater collectionN/A
CisternWater storageWater Carrier (at least 3)
WellWater collection
Note: Multiple wells (or Fishing Huts) in close proximity lower efficiency.
Wellkeeper (1)
Mid-gameIrrigation PlantIncreases soil moisture for cropsIrrigator (1)
Water TowerWater storageWater Carrier (at least 3)
Rainwater CollectorWater collection (automatic)N/A
Late-gameElectric Water PumpWater collection (automatic); requires researchN/A

Ideally, you’ll want to have 1x jetty, 1x well, and 1x cistern at the start of your run in Endzone – A World Apart. These buildings need to be close to each other to speed up the movement of settlers.

Endzone A World Apart Buildings Settlers Job Production Chains Resources Guide 2a

Food buildings

In-game stage/SeasonBuildingFunctionSettler Job
Early-gameCultivated FieldPlanting and harvesting cropsFarmer (at least 1 per plot)
OrchardPlanting and harvesting fruits and nutsFarmer (at least 1 per plot)
Gatherer’s CabinCollecting food from plants in forestsGatherer (1)
Fishing HutUsed to catch fish

Note: Multiple Fishing Huts (or wells) in close proximity lower efficiency.

Fisherman (1)
Hunting LodgeHunts or captures wild animalsHunter (1)
Mid-gamePastureHerds and/or slaughters animals for food
Note: Once an animal has been captured, you can construct a pasture to start growing a herd. A pasture is required for each animal type.
Herder (1)
Late-gameKitchenCooks raw food that’s been collected; requires researchCook (1)

Regarding cultivated fields, you’ll want several plots to be within the radius of a single irrigation plant. This ensures that crops can produce bountiful yields when harvested. Just take note of the length and width limits on the grid when creating plots of land (6 is the fewest number of tiles and 16 is the maximum).

Endzone A World Apart Buildings Settlers Job Production Chains Resources Guide 2b

Resource buildings

In-game stage/SeasonBuildingFunctionSettler Job
Early-gameScrapyardCollects scrap from nearby ruinsScrap Collector (1)
Forester’s LodgeCan chop down trees and/or reforest an areaForester (1)
Charcoal KilnProduces coal from woodCharcoal Burner (1)
Herbal HutGathers herbs from forests and turns them into medicineHerbalist (1)
Mid-gameRecyclerGenerates either metal, cloth, plastic, or electronics from scrap
Note: From the early to mid-game, you’ll want 4-6x of these at any given time to cover everything but electronics.
Refiner (at least 1 per Recycler)
WorkshopCreates tools
Note: You’ll only need 1x Workshop, but you could build more in case the population requires lots of tools.
Technician (1)
Tailor’s ShopCreates clothing to protect settlers from radiation
Note: This tends to be the main bottleneck of any sandbox campaign in Endzone – A World Apart. You’ll want at least 2x of these to continuously produce Activated Carbon Masks.
Tailor (1-2 per Tailor’s Shop)
Late-gameScrap CatcherCatches scrap in an area; automated but still requires a nearby Scrapyard for logistics; requires researchN/A
RefineryA more advanced Recycler; lets you separate metal, cloth, plastics, and electronics simultaneously; requires research.Refiner (3)
Upgraded WorkshopThe original Workshop is upgraded to improve efficiency; requires research.Technician (3)
Upgraded Tailor’s ShopThe original Tailor’s Shop is upgraded to improve efficiency; requires research.Tailor (3)
Hemp Weaving MillProduces clothing from hemp; requires research.Tailor (1-2)
MineGathers iodine and coal from mountainsides; requires research.Miner (3)

You’ll often have a bottleneck when it comes to radiation protection gear, which means you need extra clothing from recyclers and more output from tailor shops. Likewise, don’t forget to change the field of work of your scrapyard when the surrounding ruins have been depleted.

Endzone A World Apart Buildings Settlers Job Production Chains Resources Guide 3

Housing buildings

In-game stage/SeasonBuildingFunctionSettler Job
Early-gameCabinHousing for 2x adults and 3x childrenN/A
ShelterHousing for 25x settlers
Note: Unable to start a family here due to lack of privacy.
Mid-gameSturdy HouseHousing for 4x adults and 6x children; requires researchN/A
Late-gameUpgraded ShelterHousing for 50x settlers; requires research
Note: Unable to start a family here due to lack of privacy.

You shouldn’t attempt to provide housing to all your settlers early on in Endzone – A World Apart. This can cause a population boom due to the number of kids that start popping up. Just try to have at least 10 cabins, then adjust accordingly once new settlers have arrived.

You may also consider building a shelter just to provide housing without your settlers making babies all of a sudden. Oh, and in case your resource buildings (i.e., scrapyards, recyclers, and the like) are further away from your starting location, you could construct housing there, too. This will give settlers a home that’s near their place of work.

Endzawa Bld 1

Community buildings

In-game stage/SeasonBuildingFunctionSettler Job
Early-gameCampfire+4 attractiveness (location)N/A
ForumAdjusts settler behavior/tasksN/A
SchoolEducates children to prepare them for adulthood/make them part of a skilled workforceTeacher (1)
Mid-gameMedical FacilityCares for sick settlersMedic (1)
CemeterySettlers can visit deceased loved ones; gravediggers recycle tools and protective gear that can still be usedMortician (1)
Late-gamePubProduces beer, hard liquor, or joints
Note: Items will depend on the resources/seeds that you’ve obtained in your run.
Pubkeeper (1)
Advanced SchoolFaster rate of education/training in all subjects; requires researchTeacher (1)

I would suggest prioritizing the school here just so you can start training the next generation of settlers in Endzone – A World Apart. The rest can be built later depending on the settlement’s needs.

Logistics buildings

In-game stage/SeasonBuildingFunctionSettler Job
Early-gameDirt RoadSpeeds up travel time and transportation of goodsN/A
Mid-gameTemporary StoreroomStores various resources; low capacityN/A
MarketAllocates resources to various parts of your settlementLogistician (1)
Water PointFilled with water and used to shorten travel time between different water sourcesLogistician (1)
Food StationStocked with food and used to shorten travel time between different food sourcesLogistician (1)
WarehouseLarger storage compared to the Temporary Storeroom; requires researchN/A
Trading PostTraders will arrive to barter their goodsLogistician (1)
Decontamination PostTarget an area for decontamination to remove issues with food and resourcesDecontaminator (1)
Late-gamePaved RoadFaster travel time and transportation of goods; requires researchN/A
Upgraded WarehouseMassive storage capacity; requires researchN/A

Think of these logistics buildings in Endzone – A World Apart as akin to the production and transport chains in the Anno games. Resources are manufactured, but they need to be stored somewhere first. Then, they’re either picked up by settlers or they get delivered to certain locations.

Moreover, don’t forget to have Decontamination Posts. The “field of work” has to cover storage areas (i.e., warehouses, food stations, water towers, and the like) to prevent these resources from getting irradiated.

Endzawa Bld 2

Technology buildings

In-game stage/SeasonBuildingFunctionSettler Job
Mid-gameExpedition StationAllows you to send out scouts and explorers to complete expeditions.Scout/Explorer (variable)
Research StationGenerates knowledge so you can unlock techs/buildings.Researcher (1)
Late-gameWeather StationRain contamination forecast; coverage for rain contamination on fields and rainwater collectors; requires researchN/A

You can take a look at our guides regarding expeditions and research/technology for more information about these mechanics.

Electricity buildings

In-game stage/SeasonBuildingFunctionSettler Job
Late-gameWind TurbineGenerates electricity; can supply a small number of buildings; requires researchN/A
Solar CollectorGenerates electricity for buildings connected to the power grid; requires researchN/A
BatteryStores energy during daytime and returns it to the power grid at night; requires researchN/A
Electric Power PolePower lines that connect buildings to a power grid; requires researchN/A

Lastly, there are a couple of building tabs in Endzone – A World Apart that we won’t be discussing in detail. These are the decorations and tasks tabs. The former simply has fluff and features that you can construct to increase attractiveness and settler satisfaction. The latter, meanwhile, places markers on a map that unassigned/jobless settlers will move towards so they can complete an objective (i.e., collect scrap, collect wood, collect plants, and more).

Endzawa Bld 3

Endzone – A World Apart is available via Steam’s Early Access program. The game’s version 1.0 will release on March 18.

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