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Endzone – A World Apart guide — Research utensils, techs, and Knowledge points

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Several buildings might not be available at the start of this sandbox survival game, so you’ll need to tech up a bit. Here’s our guide to help you with technological research, research utensils, and Knowledge points in Endzone – A World Apart.

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Note: This guide is based on Endzone – A World Apart‘s Early Access build just prior to the release of version 1.0. You may also check out our guides regarding buildings/production chains and expeditions.


Endzone – A World Apart guide Knowledge points, researching techs, research utensils, and unlocking buildings

To be clear, it’s possible to unlock research techs and ignore Knowledge points in Endzone – A World Apart. All you need to do is enable the “unlock all” setting when you’re starting a sandbox survival run.

Of course, this does make the challenge a bit moot, so this guide assumes that you’re still playing with the default settings enabled.

Endzawa Resr 1

To start acquiring Knowledge in Endzone – A World Apart, you’ll need to construct a Research Station. I actually consider this a mid-game building since it requires 64x wood, 24x scrap, 12x metal tools, 7x plastic, and 7x cloth. Once you’re ready though, you’ll want to staff it with several researchers (from the settlers tab).

The gist here is that researchers will continue to accumulate Knowledge as long as they’re not researching an actual tech. Once they’ve reached a particular Knowledge level, that’s the time when you’ll be able to unlock a particular tech (it also takes a few seasons before research can be completed).

Note 1: Another factor you need to consider would be the research utensils. These research utensils are required for particular tech tiers and they’re obtained via Expeditions in Endzone – A World Apart.

Note 2: If you wish to speed up the research process later, you can hook up the Research Station to a power source to gain electricity.

Endzone A World Apart Research Guide Research Utensils Techs Technology Knowledge Points Building Unlocks 1

Unlocked techs/buildings

Building Category Building/Feature/Upgrade Function Research Utensils/Tier Knowledge Points
Food Fish Feed Attracts more fish; can place multiple Fishing Huts near each other without affecting productivity 1 2
Kitchen Allows cooking of food 3 2
Stew and Cake Recipes 3 1
Housing Loitering Ban Prevents workers from boosting their confidence; increases productivity 0 1
Sturdy House Housing for 4x adults and 6x children 1 1
Upgraded Shelter Housing for 50x settlers
Note: Unable to start a family here due to lack of privacy.
3 2
Resources Hemp Weaving Mill Produces clothing from hemp 0 1
Refinery A more advanced Recycler; lets you separate metal, cloth, plastics, and electronics simultaneously 0 3
Coal Mining Unlocks the mine; more efficient when gathering coal compared to Charcoal Kiln 1 1
Upgraded Tailor’s Shop The original Tailor’s Shop is upgraded to improve efficiency 1 2
Upgraded Workshop The original Workshop is upgraded to improve efficiency 1 2
Reinforced Backpack Explorers can store/loot more supplies during Expeditions 1 1
Diligence Settlers move slower, but durability for tools and clothing is increased by 25% 1 1
Mining Iodine Unlocks the mine; Iodine Tablets can be produced in Medical Facilities (prevents settlers from succumbing to radiation) 3 3
Scrap Catcher Catches scrap in an area; automated but still requires a nearby Scrapyard for logistics 3 3
Mining Tunnel Construction Allows you to place mines close to each other without affecting productivity 5 1
Logistics Improved Radio Mast Added to a Trading Post; allows you to choose the types of traders that will visit the settlement 0 1
Warehouse Larger storage compared to the Temporary Storeroom 0 1
Upgraded Warehouse Massive storage capacity 1 3
Paved Road Faster travel time and transportation of goods 3 3
Motivation +25% movement speed for settlers; +10% increased food and water consumption 3 1
Electricity Electronics Allows you to recover electronics from scrap (via Recyclers or Refineries) 0 1
Wind Turbine Generates electricity; can supply a small number of buildings 0 1
Solar Collector Generates electricity for buildings connected to the power grid 1 3
Battery Stores energy during daytime and returns it to the power grid at night 1 2
Electric Water Pump Water collection (automatic) 5 1
Technology Weather Station Rain contamination forecast; coverage for rain contamination on fields and rainwater collectors 0 1
Immunity +200% increased consumption of herbs and medicine; prevents outbreak of diseases 0 1
Advanced School Faster rate of education/training in all subjects 0 1
Knowledge Transfer This decree makes all uneducated adults educated; consumes 2x Knowledge accumulated in a Research Station 0 1

Endzone A World Apart Research Guide Research Utensils Techs Technology Knowledge Points Building Unlocks 2

Endzone – A World Apart is available via Steam’s Early Access program. The game’s version 1.0 will release on March 18.

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