Gaijin Entertainment Preps 100 Player Fps Enlisted For Open Beta (2)

Back in 2016, Gaijin Entertainment revealed to the world its latest project, the World War 2 multiplayer shooter Enlisted. The game was envisioned to be a 100-player experience that was more about historical accuracy than just a race for the highest kill count. Five years have passed, but the time for the Enlisted open beta is here. The first-person shooter is wrapping up its closed beta, and will soon be available to everyone else.

The Enlisted open beta will begin on April 8, and there will be some substantial content additions to come. Both the Invasion of Normandy and Battle for Moscow campaigns that players experienced in the closed beta will get some updates. New and increasingly accurate weapons and vehicles will also be added.


For those who know the Browning M1918A2 machine gun from the FG 42 II assault rifle, or the P-38J Fighter and the German Pz.IV H. tank, you are in luck.

The Enlisted open beta will also include new campaign missions and improved soldier AI. Gaijin Entertainment will also tweak the balance changes for both weapons and vehicles. Certain roles will see their squad size change as well.

Gaijin Entertainment Preps 100 Player Fps Enlisted For Open Beta (1)

War never changes

In preparation for more players jumping in, the Enlisted open beta will include the new progression system. Offering both free and premium tracks, the Battle Pass will give players more incentives to spend time on the battlefield.

The inclusion of Battle Tasks, another form of objectives, will bring more rewards to the table. This will all be part of the effort to move away from randomized rewards.

When the Enlisted open beta begins, Founder’s Packs will cease to exist. These packs offer exclusive access to the US, Soviet, and German squads. Closed beta access was also part of the deal. So, if you want to grab yourself specific squads, you better do so before April 8.

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