Epic urging Fortnite and Paragon players to change their passwords

Epic urging Fortnite and Paragon players to change their passwords

Epic has issued a security alert to all its gamers who may be playing Fortnite or the soon to be dead Paragon (RIP).

According to Epic’s security team, there has been an increasing amount of Fortnite accounts being hacked with fraudulent purchases being made by hackers. Epic’s community team confirms it is not a breach of their systems but they have noticed some of their users are finding unauthorised individuals logging into their accounts.

It appears that users who use the same password on other sites/services which have been compromised and are now finding their Epic accounts are being accessed. It must be a reasonably substantial number for Epic to post a statement.

Epic suggest users use the HaveIBeenPwned site to check if their email and password has appeared in a data dump for hackers. Epic says they have been searching these data dumps and proactively changing account passwords to help players. They also say they are working on automating this process and they are working hard to enable multi-factor authentication within the next few weeks.

If you are a Fortnite or Paragon player, or simply have an Epic account, it would be a good idea to update your password as a precaution.

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